Are you one of those people who think that a humidifier, a diffuser and a purifier are the same thing? If so, then you have been wrong all this time.( أجهزة تنقية الهواء) These three tools turned out to have differences in terms of function.

If you are interested in buying one of these three things, you should know the function of each first so you don’t choose the wrong one. Well, here are the differences between a humidifier, a diffuser and a purifier.

Difference between Humidifier, Diffuser, Purifier

  1. Uses

Humidifiers, diffusers and purifiers have different functions. You may already be able to guess the function of these three objects through their names. For example, an air purifier, this one object serves to clean the air from bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollution.

While the humidifier is of course to add “humidity” or the humidity of the air in the room. While the diffuser has a function to clean the air in the room. Diffusers are usually mixed with essential oils to add fragrance to your room.

  1. How it works

These three tools also have different ways of working. To increase the humidity of the air, a humidifier works by converting water into steam which is then sprayed throughout the room. While the purifier, this tool works by sucking the air in the room and then filtering it before being sprayed back in a cleaner state.

Now for a diffuser, this tool works similarly to a humidifier. The difference is, the diffuser can be mixed with essential oils to produce essential oil vapor. As a result, the steam produced by the diffuser contains fragrance, which makes the room more fragrant.

  1. Water Needs

Not all of these tools require water, only the humidifier and diffuser need it. A humidifier is a device that requires the most water. This is because, a humidifier is specifically designed to spray moisture into the air. In one use, the humidifier generally requires three liters of water.

While diffusers generally require 300-500 milliliters of water for one use. While the air purifier does not need water at all because its function is to filter the air only.

  1. Duration

The use of these three tools has a different duration. For humidifiers and diffusers, the duration of use depends on the temperature and content of the available liquid. The higher the temperature, the availability of the liquid will run out quickly, and vice versa. Meanwhile, the air purifier has the longest duration of use, which can be up to 30-120 minutes. This is because, the air purifier does not use water in its use.

  1. Place

Each tool must also be placed in a suitable place to maximize its function. For example, an air purifier, because this tool sucks dirty air, it is more suitable to be placed in a room that is often used for smoking. While the humidifier should be used in a dry and less humid room. Placing a humidifier in a room that is already damp can actually increase mold growth.

For a diffuser, this tool is more suitable to be placed in a room that is not too wide so that the aroma of the essential oil can spread evenly. Diffusers are generally placed in the bedroom to improve the sleep quality of users.

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